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What we do

We aim to make your audiobook recording experience easy and deliver a professionally finished product your listeners will love.

Audio Editing

Whether you record your narration with us or elsewhere, our voice editing services will guarantee that your recorded narration will sound clear, consistent, and flow smoothly.

Digital Formatting

Our digital formatting services will ensure that your audiobook will meet the required technical guidelines to be submitted to online platforms such as Audible, Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo Audio Books, and more!


Don’t feel comfortable narrating your own audiobook? We work with a variety of professional narrators and are glad to help you find the right voice for your project. Our all-in-one package offers you a completed audiobook product ready for commercial release.



Audiobook Masters is an audiobook production and mastering studio. We cater to professional and independent authors across many genres offering services such as: dialogue editing, mastering, digital formatting, and narration. 

Now more than ever, the ability to listen to audiobooks has become easier thanks to streaming services. Accessibility has increased the consumer demand for audiobooks and thanks to cost effective and affordable technology, authors can now keep up with that demand.

We love to work with DIY authors who want to narrate their own books from a home studio set up. Using their own voice adds a personal touch that many listeners appreciate and connect with.

For those authors who aren’t comfortable with narrating their own books, let us help you find the right voice for your project. We work with professional narrators of high caliber to deliver a smooth experience and a quality of work that our customers are proud of.

Let’s Start Something new!

Whether you’ve finished your book or are just in the planning stages, we’d love to hear from you and learn more about your project. Please feel free to reach out and ask about our services.

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