5 Reasons to Record an Audiobook in 2020!

With the start of a brand new decade, now is the best time to act on your goals as an author. If 2020 is the year you plan to launch your new book, you need to consider recording an audiobook. Or, if you’ve already published a book (or multiple books), it’s time to capitalize on them. Whether you are looking to build your authority, make a positive impact, scale your business, or even write a novel, having an audiobook will give you numerous long-term benefits as an author.

Here are the 5 Reasons to Record an Audiobook in 2020.

1. The Market Wants Your Audiobook

Audiobook sales hit nearly $1 Billion dollars in 2019. More digital streaming services such as Audible, Apple Books, Kobo Books, Scribd are becoming available making it easier for consumers to stream audiobooks.   

2. Capture all of the Non-Readers 

We all have busy schedules and finding the time to ‘read’ a traditional book can be low on the daily priority list. Giving your audience the option to listen to an audio version of your book gives the consumer convenience. They can listen to your book in the car, on a plane, during a workout, or while doing chores around the house. Audiobooks are quick and easy to consume, which is key in today’s busy society. 

3. It Gives You The Ability to Add Your Own Personal Touch 

Narrating your own audiobook is a bold move and as an author, you should consider doing it yourself. You may not think of yourself as a great speaker, but using your voice will add a personal touch and help you build a stronger bond with your listeners. After all, nobody knows the content of your book better than you do. Especially for all of you non-fiction authors who have authority on your subject matter—your listeners want to hear from you!   

4. It’s Affordable 

Recording technology has improved vastly over the last five years and it has also become much more affordable. You can now make studio-quality recordings right in your home. All you need is a good USB microphone, a set of headphones, a laptop, and recording software and you’re good to go. There are numerous USB microphones on the market under $250.00, and thanks to open source platforms like Audacity, you can use great recording software that is absolutely free!   

5. It’s Easy to Do  

I know the recording process can seem highly technical and complicated. There’s no wonder several authors find the idea of recording their own audiobooks overwhelming. Luckily there are plenty of resources available to help you through the process. At Audiobook Masters, not only do we provide you with the learning resources to assist you, we also offer our clients 1-on-1 technical consultations to help get you started.   

 So, if you think you can handle the recording part, but the thought of post-production completely frightens you, that’s where we step in. At Audiobook Masters we specialize in editing, mastering, and formatting audiobooks for commercial release. Please visit us at www.audiobookmasters.com and request a free project quote. We would love to hear about your book and help you put the final touch on your great work. Now is the time to record an audiobook.

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